Meet gammaCore

A safe and effective hand-held treatment for episodic cluster headache pain
The gammaCore model shown is not currently available in the US.
First of Its Kind

gammaCore is the first personal-use, transdermal treatment that employs non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) to treat cluster headache pain. That means it delivers a mild, painless, patented electrical stimulation to your vagus nerve, activating it to treat pain associated with episodic cluster headache in adult patients.1,2

gammaCore is about the size of a cell phone, so it’s portable and easy to use.1,2 You can carry it in your pocket or purse, so it can easily be incorporated into your normal lifestyle.

Benefits of gammaCore

gammaCore offers1,2:

  • Relief within 15 minutes for many patients, without the side effects
    of many drugs
  • Up to 8 treatments each day (24 doses daily)
  • Non-drug treatment, with no injecting, inhaling, or ingesting medication
  • Flexible use—can be used alone or with your existing treatments
  • Treatment with no need for surgery, medical tests, or procedures
  • Well-tolerated therapy, with minimal, generally mild side effects
    that go away quickly
  • Portability and convenience

Held against your neck, gammaCore delivers a painless, patented electrical stimulation to treat episodic cluster headache pain, without the side effects of many drugs.1,2

Using gammaCore Is Easy

To treat your cluster headache pain, apply the provided conductive gel to the 2 stimulation surfaces of the device, place it on your neck, and turn it on to deliver a gentle stimulation through your skin to your vagus nerve.2

 For more detailed information on using gammaCore, please Contact Us to request a copy of the Instructions for Use.

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